Friday, February 26, 2021

Car Parades & Kindness

Hi 5th graders!

I had an amazing week and I'm so excited to tell you all about it!

First of all, I'd like to acknowledge Random Acts of Kindness Day earlier this month (February 17th). It is so important to be kind because kindness makes the world a better place. I tried to plan something for Random Acts of Kindness Day but it had to be pushed back to Saturday because my school had to get it approved. 

However, what I did do on National Kindness Day was give smiles, compliments, and, at recess, I played Legos with my friend who I don't usually play with. All of these little random acts of kindness are what makes the world a better place. A tiny hint of happiness can make someone's day, you know!

The special something I'm talking about was a Drive- by Car Parade for my local nursing home, The Summit. Now, I did talk about delivering cards to The Summit last week but I came back with half of my grade, a few teachers, my principal, and other who heart about the parade. We all lined up in the school parking lot and filled the entire space with our cars!

At 11am, we all drove to The Summit and it made me so happy to see all of the smiles and waving hands in every window. I'd say there were 22 cars at the parade and it made me so happy to see that it was such a great turn out! We all decorated our cars too. There were streamers, balloons, signs, paper hearts. My friend even strapped a giant Scooby-Doo to the top of their car! I decorated my car with a bunch of heart balloons, streamers, and paper hearts in the windows. I even hung out of the sun roof with a huge poster board I made that said "We love and miss you!". You can see the car parade by just clicking HERE, I'm in the second car. 

The point of my story is that all kindness matters. No matter if you hand somebody a pencil or join in a car parade for your local nursing home, you are ultimately always making someone happy!

Now, the time has come for my weekly fun fact about me! I have two puppies and a cat. Their names are Walter, Stanly, and Lucy!

Speaking of pets, did you know that pets actually make you more positive? It's true! Just playing with a pet can make you more positive! Showing your pet some kindness will benefit you too! Here's a picture of my pets!

I hope you all have a great week! Email me how you are showing kindness to others at

Stay Positive! :)


A message from your friends at The Connecticut Democracy Center...

The first ever Kid Governor, 2016 Connecticut's Kid Governor Elena Tipton spent her term focusing on her Campaign for Kindness. You can find some ideas on how to show kindness in your community by checking out her blog HERE

You can also find ideas on how to show kindness to animals on 2020 Connecticut's Kid Governor Myra Stanfield's blog HERE. CTKG Myra spent her term working on her Standing Up for Animals in Need campaign.

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